Annual Meeting

NAAHoLS 2021

Due to travel restrictions and the LSA’s decision to hold their 2021 conference online, NAAHoLS has opted to conduct its 2021 annual meeting using the Zoom videoconferencing app. Our sessions will be held on January 8 and 9, 2021, starting at 9:00am PST (UTC-8:00).

The full conference schedule can be found here: NAAHoLS 2021 Program.

Instructions for how to access NAAHoLS conference sessions using Zoom can be found here: NAAHoLS Annual Meeting 2021: Online meeting guidelines and suggestions.

We are not requiring registration in order to attend NAAHoLS sessions, but we encourage anyone interested in joining or supporting NAAHoLS to contact David Boe at

Previous Annual Meetings

NAAHoLS 2020: New Orleans, Louisiana. For the conference schedule, see the NAAHoLS Newsletter 74 (Fall 2019)

NAAHoLS 2019: New York City. In addition to our regular program, NAAHoLS hosted a joint session with the LSA on the topic of New York City and other urban centers in the development of linguistic thought.

NAAHoLS 2018: Salt Lake City, Utah.

NAAHoLS 2017: Austin, Texas.

NAAHoLS 2016: Washington, DC.

NAAHoLS 2015: Portland, OR.