Annual Meeting

NAAHoLS 2023

Our 2023 Annual Meeting will be held concurrently with the Linguistic Society of America conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Denver, CO, on January 6 and 7, 2023.

Annual Meeting Program

Abstracts of the Presentations

Inquiries should be directed to: David Boe, Department of English, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI 49855;

Previous Annual Meetings

NAAHoLS 2022: Washington, DC (hybrid conference format due to the COVID-19 pandemic).
In addition to our regular program, NAAHoLS hosted a joint session with the LSA: The Smithsonian Institution and the Field of American Linguistics.

NAAHoLS 2021: San Francisco, California (conference held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

NAAHoLS 2020: New Orleans, Louisiana.

NAAHoLS 2019: New York City.
In addition to our regular program, NAAHoLS hosted a joint session with the LSA on the topic of New York City and other urban centers in the development of linguistic thought.

NAAHoLS 2018: Salt Lake City, Utah.

NAAHoLS 2017: Austin, Texas.

NAAHoLS 2016: Washington, DC.

NAAHoLS 2015: Portland, OR.

NAAHoLS 2014: Minneapolis, MN.

NAAHoLS 2013: Boston, MA.

NAAHoLS 2012: Portland, OR.

NAAHoLS 2011: Pittsburgh, PA.

NAAHoLS 2010: Baltimore, MD.

NAAHoLS 2009: San Francisco, CA.

NAAHoLS 2008: Chicago, IL.

NAAHoLS 2007: Anaheim, CA.

NAAHoLS 2006: Albuquerque, NM.

NAAHoLS 2005: Oakland, CA

NAAHoLS 2004: Boston, MA.

NAAHoLS 2003: Atlanta, GA.

NAAHoLS 2002: San Francisco, CA.

NAAHoLS 2001: Washington, DC.

NAAHoLS 2000: Chicago, IL.